After the Convocation

I had the honor last weekend to attend the National Convocation of Catholic Leaders, an unprecedented gathering of diocesan, parish, apostolate, and institutional leaders from around the United States. The Bishops had been planning the convocation for years. Frankly, anticipation would have been high for me… if I had known what to expect. But I’m not sure anyone knew what […]

"Sermon on the Mount" St. Matthew's Church altarpiece by Henrik Olrik

A Reminder of the Mission

The readings at Mass during the Easter season are a constant reminder of our mission as disciples. Throughout the season, the first readings come from the book of Acts, detailing the events of the early days of the Church when the Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, were obeying the command of Christ to teach the nations. These first followers […]

Daily Quote from Francis Fernandez

And He calls us all to holiness, to generosity, to detachment, to self-giving. To every one of us He speaks in the depth of our heart: ‘Come, follow me.’ We cannot give a lukewarm response to Christ’s invitation. He has no use for disciples who are ‘half-hearted’, who place conditions on their discipleship.  –Francis Fernandez (In Conversation with God) Print […]