In All Things, Give Thanks?

“O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures for ever!” (Psalm 107:1) I pressed the down button and waited for the elevator. We were at Johns Hopkins Neurology Clinic where my husband and I had just met with a genetic specialist about my son, Patrick. The doctor had given us a thorough overview […]

An Open Letter Of Encouragement To Struggling Mothers

Dear Mama, I’m talking to you. Yes, that’s right, you: the working mama who feels sick on Sunday afternoon because you report for duty Monday morning at 0800 and the thought of leaving your baby makes your heartache, the mama sitting in the oncology ward next to your sick child, helplessly watching while toxic chemicals are pumped through your baby’s […]

40 Days Of What? On Doing God’s Will Instead Of My Own

I slipped away recently for a women’s retreat and while in a “prayerful” state, I decided to list my Lenten resolutions, the sacrifices I would offer during the forty-seven days in the desert.  While comfortably nestled in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I tore open my floral covered journal, wielded my Bic pen and scribbled all the ways I would […]

Embracing Life’s Irritations — The True Path To Happiness

I traipsed up the aisle with a baby on my hip and four little ducklings waggling behind just before the choir belted the first verse of Sing Ye To The Lord.  We stopped at the entrance of a pew and my Sunday-dressed brood filed into their seats.  I followed them in, dropped my overstuffed diaper bag, knelt and surveyed the […]