40 Days Of What? On Doing God’s Will Instead Of My Own

I slipped away recently for a women’s retreat and while in a “prayerful” state, I decided to list my Lenten resolutions, the sacrifices I would offer during the forty-seven days in the desert.  While comfortably nestled in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I tore open my floral covered journal, wielded my Bic pen and scribbled all the ways I would [...]

Mother and ChildMother and Child

I Went to School for Years! Now I’m a Stay-at-Home Mom…?

The other day I was reflecting on a common frustration among stay-at-home moms—the seemingly “wasted” years of higher education that apparently get tossed aside when children enter the picture. Admittedly, I had moments leading up to the birth of my son when I felt that way. “I kicked my butt in undergrad and graduate school, just so I could change [...]

Praying the RosaryPraying the Rosary

What’s Holding You Back from a Deepening Faith?

Looking back at my childhood, I am thankful for the many gifts the good God sent my way in the form of people who knew and loved Him and chose to share that knowledge and love with me. There are so many examples from the good Catholic sisters and priests who taught me to my Presbyterian friend, James, who announced [...]

Mother and ChildrenMother and Children

Once Upon a Time, there was a Banana in the Kitchen…

“Once upon a time, there was a banana. And he lived in a kitchen…” So began the story my eight-year-old daughter Angela wrote yesterday for a homeschool writing assignment. I laughed and laughed, a big belly laugh. I almost couldn’t stop I loved the opening sentences so much. As I read on, I was tickled with her play on words, [...]


Embracing Life’s Irritations — The True Path To Happiness

I traipsed up the aisle with a baby on my hip and four little ducklings waggling behind just before the choir belted the first verse of Sing Ye To The Lord.  We stopped at the entrance of a pew and my Sunday-dressed brood filed into their seats.  I followed them in, dropped my overstuffed diaper bag, knelt and surveyed the [...]

The Blessing of ChildrenThe Blessing of Children

What Every Mother Needs to Know About Raising Catholic Kids

  It was early winter, 1987. I was 24. I slipped into the bathroom for a blessed moment alone, just days after the birth of my first-born son. His had been a difficult birth. He was a challenging baby, not sleeping for more than an hour at a time, and fussy when he was awake. He didn’t nurse well. Or [...]


How to Overcome Worry by Trusting God

Dear Sister, I worry a lot. I worry about myself and my family. People sometimes tell me that I worry far too much.  I can’t help it. As a child, I was trained to be responsible and was held accountable by my parents. Now that I am married, have a husband and children of my own, my worrying has increased [...]

Mother and ChildMother and Child

20 Lessons I Will Teach My Son

My little boy should arrive any day now. Having ventured beyond my due date, I’m experiencing Advent as the “season of patient waiting” to a very realistic extent this year. The extra days have given me ample time to reflect and prepare for both his arrival and the celebration of the arrival of the infant Jesus shortly thereafter. I decided [...]

"The Last Supper" (detail) - by Da Vinci"The Last Supper" (detail) - by Da Vinci

Making (Imperfect) Memories: What Great Things Might Be Happening?

A few years ago, I planned multiple Christmas projects so the kids and I could work together in a constructive, memory-making kind of way.  I admit to grandiose visions of homemade goodness prepared in an atmosphere of familial calm, peace, and love but the reality was more reflective of preschool playhouse bar room fights–if there were such a thing. Picture [...]

Catholic Teen VolunteersCatholic Teen Volunteers

Raising Independent Catholic Kids in an Age of Conformity

Sexting, drugs, alcohol, cyber-bullying, teen suicide, rampant materialism, technology addiction, and me-first mindsets – the list of challenges to young people today can seem overwhelming.  As parents of two boys, ages 12 and 16, I feel like my wife and I are on the front lines of a never-ending war for the very souls of our children.  I would love to [...]