The New Paganism

The most serious challenge for Christianity today isn’t one of the other great religions of the world, such as Islam or Buddhism. Nor is it simple atheism, which has no depth, no mass appeal, no staying power. Rather, it’s a religion most of us think is dead. That religion is paganism—and it is very much alive. Paganism is simply the […]

Faith and the Next Generation

“If there is one thing you could tell your parents, what would that be?” This question was directed by a TV hostess to a teenage girl. The girl’s face gleamed at the chance of being a parent to her parents and being given permission to tell them exactly what they needed to be told. With unmistakable enthusiasm in her eyes […]

Conversion and Poetry

I live in Canada and am currently teaching a course in Logic.  My usual preoccupation with conversion, therefore, is a rather dull affair.  When I convert US dollars to those of the Great White North, I receive the monetary equivalent in Canadian currency.  When I instruct my logic students on how to convert propositions, I explain that a universal negative […]