You Don’t Own It

"Christ at 33" - by Hofmann

“Own Your Faith.” You’ve probably heard that before.  Or, if you’re like me, you’ve given out the command.  Now, I’m seriously questioning it. The problem with using the verb “own” is that it means having it all, possessing it, and if  possessing it, then exercising dominion over it.  We know this from daily life.  I own my car.  It is […]

The Certainty We Await

JesusChrist the King, the Alpha and the Omega

There I sat, waiting. I was in a strange place (by this, I mean a restaurant I don’t normally go to), waiting for a teen I did not know very well. He was only a few minutes late, but those few minutes taught me a great deal about waiting and about certainty. As the clock ticked past 4pm, and I […]