Talking with Karen Beattie about Rock-Bottom Blessings

A few weeks ago, I found myself reading the new book by Karen Beattie, Rock-Bottom Blessings: Discovering God’s Abundance When All Seems Lost. It’s a book that struck me in many ways, and I’ll never think of the word “rock” quite the same way again. The idea of seeing everything as a blessing is one that sounds good, and one that I have […]

Arthur Powers and the Life of a Story Weaver

You know what’s fun? Being surprised by a really, really, REALLY good story. Or a collection of them, as the case may be. That happened to me recently when I read A Hero for the People, by Catholic author Arthur Powers.  I couldn’t resist contacting him to find out how he handles the writing life, what inspired such a unique collection […]

Refreshing New Voice in Catholic Publishing: An Interview with Matt Swaim

Matt Swaim is one of my favorite authors. For me this is an easily quantifiable statement. It is important that when I pick up a book I learn something new, am given a new insight or dimension on something that I already know or in some way am edified. Swaim delivers on all counts. Matt’s first book, The Eucharist and […]