Protest and Positivity

When the Pope visited Britain a few years ago one journalist remarked that the famous atheist Richard Dawkins was sounding more and more like the famous Northern Irish Presbyterian fundamentalist Dr. Ian Paisley. In his book The New Anti Catholicism, historian Philip Jenkins observes that the new wave of anti-Catholic bigotry fomented by the new atheists, homosexualists and radical feminists […]

The Last Acceptable Prejudice

Anti-Catholicism has long been a feature of both the high and the low culture in America. From the nineteenth-century to the middle of the twentieth-century, it was out in the open: many editorialists, cartoonists, politicians, and other shapers of popular opinion in that era were crudely explicit in their opposition to the Catholic Church. But then, in the latter half […]

American Anti-Catholicism

I read with great interest George Marlin’s piece on The Catholic Thing titled American Anti-Catholicism.  He takes the reader through the history of anti-Catholic feeling in this country with examples from the 1840’s to the present time.  He says today’s anti-Catholics are “smug secularists who want radical autonomy – and therefore frown upon Catholic values and despise authority.”  I think […]