Lesson One in Prayer

"The Virgin at Prayer" (detail) by Sassoferrato

Let’s get very, very basic and very, very practical about prayer. The single most important piece of advice I know about prayer is also the simplest: Just do it! How to do it is less important than just doing it. Less-than-perfect prayer is infinitely better than no prayer; more perfect prayer is only finitely better than less perfect prayer. Nancy Reagan was criticized […]

The Radical Rabbi and The Greatest Commandment

Photography © by Andy Coan

When his enemies quiz him about what commandment is the greatest, Jesus reveals just how radical he really is.  His answer goes to the very root of every single one of the 613 commandments found in the law of the Old Testament – the distinct kind of divine love known as charity or agape. Reflection on the Mass readings for […]

The Importance of Free Choice

"Creation of Adam" (detail) by Michelangelo

The Role of Our Will Though agape comes from God, it resides in our free will as human beings. Its home is not the body or the feelings, or even the intellect, but the will. True, the intellect has to work with it. But it is not the intellect that loves, any more than it is the light in the operating room […]

7 Reasons to Pray… 7 Problems in Prayer… 14 Ways to Pray

Editor’s Note: On Saturday, October 29, 2011, Dr. Peter Kreeft gave a talk on prayer at a Major Speakers Series event at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church in Roswell, Georgia. This was one of three talks given by Dr. Kreeft at the conference sponsored by The Integrated Catholic Life™. Deacon Mike Bickerstaff, ICL co-founder, served as emcee. The accompanying article […]