Six Ways to Avoid Becoming a Virtual Family

The Virtual Family: Connected or Disconnected?

I took my family out to dinner one evening after my younger son’s lacrosse practice. As we were catching up on each other’s day and making plans for the coming weekend, I noticed a family had been seated at the table next to us. What struck me as odd was that the dad was on his iPhone answering an email, […]

Addiction, Recovery and Hope at Guest House for Clergy and Religious

Catholic Clergy

In the secular world we frequently hear of drug and alcohol addiction affecting almost every segment of society.  Nobody seems to be immune from this scourge.  However, we don’t often hear about how addiction sometimes affects our Clergy and Religious.  These men and women of the Church face pressures and stress that many of us seldom see or appreciate. What […]

Black and White or Simply Shades of Grey?

Much has been written of late about the rapidly increasing consumption of pornography by men and the devastating effect it has upon the lives of addicts.  Though society may view the use of pornography as fairly innocuous—what I do on my own time is my own business as long as I’m not hurting anyone— the truth is that pornography is […]