Hearts Afire

A Divine Sunday, Indeed!

How fitting that on the second Sunday of Easter, which Blessed John Paul II entitled Divine Mercy Sunday, the very eve of which his earthly life ended, new life will be breathed into the Church as our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, beatifies his predecessor. As a family united in Christ, all of us who have a part in The Great Adventure Bible studies around […]

If it’s the thought that counts, what’s the best gift you can give?

How often have we received a hideous gift only to comfort ourselves with the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”? One evening after I was jubilantly handed the a little gift bag that held, buried under colorful tissue paper and strategically placed raffia, probably the one thing I would never ever consider purchasing, much less using, I got to thinking… […]

The Greatest Age!

The very moment your child is born the phrase, “This is the greatest age” becomes common place in your inner thoughts and frequent in your conversations with other parents. That first week when your little newborn cocoons herself from breast to shoulder… to the first giggle (who cares if it’s gas)… to the moment she sleeps through the night… to […]