Ask a Carmelite Sister


How to to Overcome Sins and Faults of the Tongue

Sins and Faults of the Tongue: To Speak or not to Speak—That is the Question Dear Sister, There is a lot of noise around me—constantly. So much chatter. It seems to me that conversations in general are getting more superficial. I’m reminded of the title of one Shakespeare’s plays. It seems to fit what I am trying to say—Much Ado […]


A Recent Convert Struggles in her Relationship with Mary

Dear Sister, I just recently became Catholic and I’m still struggling with the Church’s teachings on Mary. I respect her, but I don’t feel the need to ask her for prayers if I can just ask God directly. Do you have any suggestions on how I can have a relationship with Mary? Dear Friend, Yes, I do! Being a convert […]


Ten Practical Prayer Tips from the Carmelite Sisters

Dear Sister, Is there a best time to pray, given all the activities each day holds for me – working at my job and caring for and being with my family makes a very full day? Also, I’m not fully awake first thing in the morning and already mighty tired by the time I lay my head on the pillow. […]


How to Recognize and Rid Yourself of Attachments

Dear Sister, In your series on getting stuck in spiritual growth (which was very helpful by the way) you mentioned the idea of “attachments.” I think I understand this as I have read a bit of St. John of the Cross. However, I would be grateful if you could help me understand it a bit better and for any practical advice […]


Solitude and Carmelite Spirituality

“Solitude is not an empty space, a void; it is an encounter with the God who loves us…” Dear Sister, What aspect of Carmelite Spirituality do you find most helpful for your prayer? Dear Friend, The short answer to your question is solitude. Here is the longer answer… Since all prayer begins with adoration, the environment surrounding my prayer must […]


Why is the Scapular so Important to Carmelites?

“The Scapular…a Sign of Mary’s Motherhood” Dear Sister, What is the scapular, and why is it so important to Carmelites? Dear Friend, Do you remember what Our Lady was wearing when she appeared to Bernadette? How about her appearance as Our Lady of La Salette? How did Juan Diego describe her or how did she appear on his tilma? It […]


How to Overcome Worry by Trusting God

Dear Sister, I worry a lot. I worry about myself and my family. People sometimes tell me that I worry far too much.  I can’t help it. As a child, I was trained to be responsible and was held accountable by my parents. Now that I am married, have a husband and children of my own, my worrying has increased […]


Ask a Carmelite — What is meant by “prayer life”?

Dear Sister, I’ve heard people use the term prayer life or prayer journey. What does that mean? Dear Friend, Usually when this type of question comes to mind, it is because the Holy Spirit is inspiring it! The answer lies in an understanding of the essence of what it means to be a human being. Each human person is made […]


Ask a Carmelite — Is There a Difference Between a Nun and a Sister?

Dear Sister Timothy Marie, Sister Timothy, are you a nun? Dear Friend, Well, I do wear a long brown habit and I have professed three vows of obedience, chastity, and poverty, in consecration to God forever. But am I a nun?  My name is SISTER Timothy Marie. But am I a nun? Here is the answer. In a practical, everyday […]


Faith — Why aren’t we moving mountains?

Dear Sister Benedicta Marie, In scripture Jesus says that if we have faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Why aren’t we moving mountains? Does anyone really have that kind of faith? Dear Friend, Just to add a little fuel to the fire let me add that in John’s Gospel we also read: “Truly, truly, I say to […]