An Angel’s Message on All Souls’ Day

A thick fog has settled on the shore. The sun looks bleached and bone-white, almost like the moon. Usually I head to the beach in the warmer months, but some impulse has called me here on this crisp November morning. Strangely, the beach is filled with other people, walking slowly and huddled together against the chill. Suddenly I realize someone [...]

A Catholic Ghost Story

Editor’s Note: November 1 is All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation. November 2 is All Souls Day. Why not plan on attending Mass on both days? This article might just prompt you to pray for a departed loved one at Holy Mass who may need your prayers. * * * * * When a relative reported she’d seen [...]

A Plethora of Purgatory Ponderings

No matter the Bible study, somehow, someway, someone will eventually throw out those dreaded purgatory questions: “Who believes in purgatory?” “What is the teaching regarding it?” “What is it like?” “How do you get out?” “When did it come into existence?” “What are some Scriptural references to it?” And, above all, “What exactly is it?” (Just to name a few!) [...]