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Marriage: The Union of One Woman and One ManMarriage: The Union of One Woman and One Man

Answering Common Objections to Catholic Teaching on Marriage

In Defense of the Sacraments of Service—Marriage and Holy Orders Our Vocation In His infinite love and goodness, God created man and woman in freedom to know, love and serve Him in this life and to spend all eternity with Him in the life to come. This call to holiness is our vocation and dignity. “Man is by nature and […]

"Adoration of the Lamb" (detail) by van Eyck"Adoration of the Lamb" (detail) by van Eyck

Holding Hands During the Our Father?

This is going to be fairly a controversial topic, so fasten your seatbelts. I know this isn’t everyone’s opinion, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and research about it and feel strongly enough to finally step out of the shadows to speak my mind. I don’t think we should hold hands during the Our Father. If you try to […]

Photograph © by Andy CoanPhotograph © by Andy Coan

On Resisting Protestant Megachurches and Fighting Catholic Boredom

On a recent Saturday morning my 14-year-old son said: “Dad, I’m bored. What are we going to do for fun today?” Knowing my youngest son well, I translated this to mean that he was looking for something new and exciting and I was supposed to provide it. This all too frequent discussion with my children has been the cause of […]


On Heavy Burdens and Negative Patterns

I have been thinking a great deal about my recent experience at Reconciliation. I felt an intense and unexplainable urge to go and confess my sins when I woke up that morning. I try to go every six weeks or so, but this was no routine visit to the priest for me. I needed to unburden myself of the numerous […]

"The Last Supper" (detail) - by Da Vinci"The Last Supper" (detail) - by Da Vinci

Dr. Peter Kreeft on the Need for Sacraments

Four elements stand out in the traditional Catholic doctrine of what a sacrament is. Fundamentalism is suspicious of all four. A sacrament is “a sign that effects what it signifies, instituted by Christ to give grace.” 1. Sacraments are signs and symbols. Fundamentalism is temperamentally wary of symbolism. It has a plain, “no-nonsense” mentality. Symbols are too poetic for its […]


The Entire Good of Our Salvation Matters

Is it a big deal if a Catholic misses Mass?  And is it a problem for Catholics to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion but not believe Jesus is truly present? The Holy Eucharist is the outpouring of Jesus’s life on the cross for our eternal salvation, Cardinal Raymond Burke stated in a reflection on the Feast of Christ the […]

"Adoration of the Lamb"
by van Eyck"Adoration of the Lamb" by van Eyck

Solemnity and Celebrations

Some months ago I was down to take a wedding on a Saturday. The couple had been prepared by the deacon. The groom was from a nominally Catholic family, the girl was unbaptized. So the wedding party turned up for the rehearsal on the Friday and, as usual, people were in high spirits, but in this case there was some […]

Photography © by Andy CoanPhotography © by Andy Coan

Shhh… Be Still

Silence is not just golden, it’s essential. “Be still and know that I am God,” (Psalm 46:10) is a directive from on high. I am an unlikely candidate to deliver such a message as my former grade school and high school teachers can attest. They frequently moved me around on their seating charts in search of students who would not […]

Lessons from the Front Pew

I’m a convert to Catholicism, but I bring with me many of the traits that marked my life as an evangelical: a deep love of scripture, a desire to evangelize, and the tendency to sit toward the back of the Church.  Like many others, I hold that the paradoxical subconscious view that the best seats at any public gathering are […]

The New Mass Translations: “For All or Many” and “The Supper of the Lamb”

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass — Your Moment in the Mass: “For All or Many” and “The Supper of the Lamb” A continuing series on the Scriptural roots and inspiration of the Holy Mass by Dr. Edward Sri For All or for Many Of all the changes in the new Mass translation, two words which will be used by […]