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Deacon Tom Frankenfield is a Permanent Deacon from the Archdiocese of Omaha who is currently serving the people of Mary Our Queen Parish in Omaha. He is a Spiritual Director, Retreat Master and noted speaker. For fun, he is a storyteller, potter, puppeteer, guitarist and poet. Deacon Tom is married and has three grown children and three amazing grandchildren.

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Lent—A Journey of Trust

Once again, we find ourselves on our annual Lenten journey. This journey is truly a privilege given to us by the church through the Liturgical Year. Our Lenten prayer, fasting and alms giving is encouraged so as to strengthen and deepen our relationship with God. During this particular portion of the Liturgical Year we are asked to let go and […]


Christmas: The Hope and Dance for Our Spiritual Journey

Throughout this year, our readers have gifted us with feedback to our reflections and stories. Our awe-inspiring readers regularly shared their deep convictions that our God is not a character in a book or a historical figure from ancient days. Our God is alive in our midst and acting in our lives on a daily basis. These emails have been […]

4th Week of Advent

Look In – The Fourth Look of Advent

Our Journey  As we finish our Advent journey, we are challenged to take a final look deep in our lives.  Our goal is to make a home for the Christ Child.  For these past weeks, I focused on the first three of four different ways of looking at our lives. For these Advent weeks, we’ve been focusing on four different […]

Look Up – The Third Look of Advent

Our Journey  We start week 3 of our Advent journey with “Gaudete Sunday.”  Gaudete is Latin for “rejoice,” and in the Latin text of the Mass for the third Sunday of Advent, it’s the very first word.   It says, “Rejoice in the Lord.” For these Advent weeks, we’ve been focusing on four different ways of looking at our lives. To […]

Look Out – The First Look of Advent

Our Journey  This week we begin our preparation for the coming of Christ in our hearts on Christmas and hopefully a new beginning for the rest of our life.  The Year B Gospels call us to look at our lives to make way for Christ Jesus. With each Gospel posing a different challenge.  For the next four weeks, I want to […]

Where is Your Focus, Is it Based in Love?

The Journey Recently I have been blessed to encounter more and more people with a burning love for God.  They shared stories of giving the Lord their whole heart and soul.  I love to listen to their stories.  Almost everyone tells of God rescuing them from a situation of sin.  These are profound summaries of God’s love for all of […]

Ordinary Time – A Time of Hope

Tempus Annum As Roman Catholics, we are now journeying together in the phase of Liturgical Season called “Tempus Annum,” or “Ordinary Time.” Ordinary Time fills the majority of weeks of the year not specifically focused on the two major portions of Christ’s life. The Advent-Christmas season specifically remembers the Incarnation of Christ. During the Lenten/Easter season we experience the Pascal […]

Kindle in Them the Fire of Your Love

Our Journey First of all, I am very privileged to be given this opportunity to share some reflections with the readers of The Integrated Catholic Life.  I have been impressed with the quality of the site and I hope to make a positive contribution. In the upcoming weeks and months, I will present spirituality topics relating the active involvement of our […]