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Sarah Vabulas, affectionately known as "Vabs," was born and raised in the Atlanta area. She left her southern roots to pursue her collegiate endeavors at Saint Mary's College at Notre Dame where she majored in communication studies and religious studies. While at school, she worked for the Notre Dame daily student newspaper, where she ran the Opinion section for three years while also serving as Assistant Managing Editor. She spent one summer interning at The Washington Times writing editorials, serving as Letters Editor and showing her that she too, could run for public office one day.

After graduating, she worked for a Congressman in the United States House of Representatives for 3 years before finally realizing she could turn her social media addiction into a paying career. She works in social media as an account manager and trainer.

Sarah is a beer connoisseur who is also a Catholic geek who has somehow managed to fool many into thinking she's "cool" with her social media presence as the "Catholic Drinkie" where she blogs about living as a faithful young adult Catholic and her passion for a good beer. She also loves Notre Dame football, the Atlanta Braves, New York City, traveling, running long distances, 80s music, her Wayfarers & Members Only jacket.

She dreams of one day having a beer with the Pope or Cardinal Timothy Dolan. She's the Spiritual Coordinator for the 20/30 Somethings group at her parish, the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta.

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"Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" (detail) by van Eyck

Holding Hands During the Our Father?

This is going to be fairly a controversial topic, so fasten your seatbelts. I know this isn’t everyone’s opinion, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and research about it and feel strongly enough to finally step out of the shadows to speak my mind. I don’t think we should hold hands during the Our Father. If you try to […]

Real Friends Don't Let Friends Gossip

Seeking Authenticity

We live in such a cynical world – a world seeking truth in all the wrong places; a world full of lies and scams and cheats. How did we get here? We’re more concerned with the personal lives of semi-celebrities than the sad realities in our own homes or the changes being made in our government; changes which will affect […]

Daily Mass in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel at St. Peter Chanell, Roswell, Georgia

Making Daily Mass a Part of Your Schedule

I’m constantly trying to find consistency in my prayer life. I need patterns and repetition to successfully form habits. I struggle with getting REALLY excited to start a new initiative and doing well for a day or two … and then, I fall off a cliff. Or I’ll miss a day for one reason or another and then never get […]

Photography © by Andy Coan

The Dilemma of Worthiness

YOLO – You Only Live Once. This popular phrase is making waves across American culture (I admit that while I may be a young adult, I had to Google what the acronym meant). It has varying meanings from being similar to the innocence found in “carpe diem” to someone taking a stupid risk because “you only live once.” It can […]

Understanding the Young Adult Culture

The culture in which young adults live now is not an easy one. We are expected to be all things to all people. We struggle to find balance in our lives. We battle the stereotypes of being called lazy, entitled and ungrateful. But most difficult of all, we are searching for something. Young adults are grasping for truth. Most don’t […]