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Rhonda Ortiz is a Catholic convert, a wife and mother, a displaced Oregonian living in Michigan, and a lay Dominican in formation. She writes on topics of faith, culture, and family across the web and is also Art Director & Web Editor of Dappled Things.

Rhonda is the author of Scripture for the Scrupulous, a weekly newsletter providing guided meditations for battling scruples, perfectionism, and anxiety in the spiritual life.

In her abundant spare time she picks up graphic design work, tinkers with several unrevised novels, and pulls weeds from her vegetable beds. She starts more projects than she can finish, buys more books than she can read, and loves mixing metaphors – unknowingly.

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Something for Everyone: Living the Dominican Four Pillars

  This past fall I was blessed to begin formation with my local Lay Dominican chapter, happily coinciding with the opening of the 800th Jubilee of the Order of Preachers. My husband and I count a few Dominican friars among our friends, but it wasn’t until I met sisters that I recognized my attraction to all things Dominican. As it […]

Scruples and Moderation: Understanding the Advice of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Near the end of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises is a curious section titled, “Some Notes Concerning Scruples.” Scrupulosity is one of those pesky spiritual problems that we don’t always recognize but can give us a lot a grief if left unchecked. Believe me, I know! Never heard of scrupulosity? How about Catholic Guilt? Scrupulosity is Catholic Guilt run […]

Scrupulosity—A Beginner’s Guide

What is Scrupulosity? A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding This “Pious Problem” Recently, Simcha Fisher raised the issue of scrupulosity, the state of being perpetually afraid of sin, at the National Catholic Register.  As someone who battles scrupulosity, I was thrilled to see someone raising the issue. Scruples can plague a person and wreak all kinds of havoc in his relationship with […]