Dolphin Tale’s Positive Portrayal of Homeschoolers

As a freelance writer who reviews family movies, I often have the opportunity to attend screenings in advance of a movie’s release.  Several weeks ago, I received a press kit for the film Dolphin Tale.  It included a book about the movie and a stuffed dolphin with a “prosthetic” tail, attached with velcro.  I gave them to my 12 year-old […]

Don’t Take a Vacation From Your Sunday Obligation

Summer is finally here, so let the vacation planning begin!  Airline tickets: check.  Hotel and rental car reservations: check.  Bags packed and ready to go: check.  Catholic church selected near our destination and appropriate clothes packed: huh? Part of the fun of traveling is the unique opportunity to visit new parishes, explore different church architecture styles and artwork, or perhaps […]

Mysteries of the Rosary in the Bible

In his apostolic letter, Rosary of the Virgin Mary, Blessed Pope John Paul II observed, “The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a Christ-centered prayer.  It has all the depth of the gospel message in its entirety.”   Through the Rosary, Mary guides us in the contemplation of significant events in the gospels.  By meditating upon the 20 […]

Motherhood and the Joyful Mysteries

I love that Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother.  As I prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary on my bike this week, I reflected on how they apply so well to motherhood. The Annunciation: “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” […]

An Interview with Catholic Hollywood Director Mike Disa

Mike Disa is the director of the upcoming movie Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil.  He was raised in a large, devout Irish Catholic family in Chicago.  Mike holds a record for the most consecutive Easter Masses served by an altar boy at St. Francis of Assisi parish where his uncle, Father Pete, served as pastor.  His mother jokes that he’s […]

Lent Through the Eyes of the Suffering Servant

I pass the bathroom mirror in my home and automatically glance at my reflection, once again stopping to stare in fascinated horror.  My eyes are red and puffy, surrounded by raccoon-like purple bruises.  My nose is bandaged and swollen, recently broken after I unexpectedly fainted and fell flat on my face.  Surgery has repaired the damage, but it will be […]

A Lesson from the Lady Who Owns Wal-Mart

My children and I were shopping at a busy Wal-Mart after school.  As we searched high and low for the graham crackers, we overheard a woman nearby scolding her two young daughters.  They’d clearly had enough of the shopping expedition and were beginning to whine and complain.  The exasperated mother bent down to their level and threatened, “If you don’t […]

A Lesson on Birth Control from…Moses?

I recently renewed a friendship with a long-lost high school friend on Facebook and was surprised by her rather liberal views on politics and religion.  At first, I thought that I should move on as our world views were so very different, but I enjoyed sharing old high school memories and conversing about topics that didn’t highlight our differences.  We […]

New Years’ Resolutions and the 4th Luminous Mystery

It’s such a cliché, the New Years’ Resolution List.  Each year we are programmed to begin anew by making a list to correct our various shortcomings.  We set goals to be more organized, save more money or get in shape.  We are filled with hope, yet statistics show that the resolutions will likely be abandoned and forgotten before the annual […]

Challenges of a Catholic Homeschooler in Hollywood

Last week, I interviewed Michael Flaherty, the amiable president of Walden Media, about the upcoming release of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I was given the opportunity for a follow-up interview, and I decided to focus on his experience as a Catholic homeschooler in Hollywood and the upcoming projects for Walden Media. Voyage of the Dawn Treader opened as the […]