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Mark Armstrong is married to Patti (the much more famous Catholic author). They have 10 children and two grandkids (so far).  Mark travels and presents a PowerPoint presentation on "Our Lady of Guadalupe" to retreats, church events and conferences. He also spent 9 days in Italy in 2010, including three hours before the Shroud of Turin and has an amazing PowerPoint presentation on the Shroud of Turin, believed by many to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

He also co-authored the best-selling Catholic book, Amazing Grace for Fathers.

You can listen to "The Phil and Mark Show" every weekday morning from 5:30 to 9:00 a.m. on the legendary "Voice of the Northern Plains" KFYR Radio.  Tune in thru I-Heart radio at

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St. Ignatius Mission Church - founded by Father Pierre-Jean De Smet (Courtesy of Montana Department of Tourism)

Following in the Footsteps of Father Pierre-Jean De Smet to the Solar Eclipse!

There is arguably no one more well-traveled in the world in the nineteenth century than the Belgium-born Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, SJ (Father Peter-John). He was born in 1801 and traveled 180,000 miles in his lifetime, passing away in 1873. On behalf of raising money and awareness for Indian missions in America, the great Jesuit priest crossed the ocean nineteen times, visiting […]

Holy Mass celebrated before the Shroud of Turin, Photography by Mark Armstrong

How the first Selfie leads us to Christ!

I have been blessed to pray and attend Mass before the Holy Shroud of Turin in both 2010 and 2015. Today, The Holy Shroud or La Santa Sindone is out of public view at Duomo di Torino; Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista or the St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Turin (Torino), Italy. There are no scheduled public exhibitions. Never did I imagine I […]

Over the Alps, Milan to London flight. Photography by Isaac Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—Arrivederci Italia!

Travel Journal Day 9 — The Novena Ends Our family novena in Italy ended in Milan, Italy.  As I began to write this final segment for ICL, four of us were aboard an American Airlines 767 at thirty-six thousand feet bound for the USA.  We had left Milan, Italy earlier that morning and the first views outside our windows were of the Alps […]

Holy Mass celebrated before the Shroud of Turin, Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—A Blessed Day in Turin

Travel Journal Day 8 — Final Day in Turin Most of the two million people who will see the Shroud of Turin this spring will wait sometimes hours just to stand for three minutes to pray before it; as we did yesterday. Few of the pilgrims know, as I found out on my last visit here in 2010, that anyone can come […]

The Italian Alps, Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—From Pisa to Turin and the Shroud

Travel Journal Day 7 — Arrival in Turin When my fourteen-year-old daughter Teresa and I left Turin five years ago, I never expected to see the Shroud of Turin again in my lifetime.  God had other plans for our family.  After leaving Pisa this afternoon, we boarded a train and traveled first along the Italian coast and then crossed the mountain passes […]

Inside the Cathedral of the Assumption in Pisa, Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—There’s more to Pisa…

Travel Journal Day 6 — There’s more to Pisa than a tower that leans. Try to think of something else in Pisa besides the Leaning Tower.  It’s hard I know.  For sure the Tower is one of the most remarkable architectural structures from medieval Europe.  What the average person may not realize is the Pisa Tower is just one of the four […]

Mothers Day in St. Peter's Square, Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—Mother’s Day in St. Peter’s Square

Travel Journal — Mother’s Day at St. Peter’s It was a Mother’s Day to remember for my lovely bride Patti Armstrong as we attended the Latin Mass at St. Peter’s and then, like tens of thousands of mothers on the Square, received a blessing and prayer from Pope Francis. It was a perfect beginning to our day as we later met up with […]

Ceiling in the Vatican Museum Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—Day Four

Travel Journal Day Four, May 10, 2015 — The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel The Vatican Museums were established over five hundred years ago by Pope Julius II after the discovery of just one marble sculpture in 1506 that had been buried in a farmer’s field for more than a millennium. That one sculpture, Laocoön and His Sons, has begotten one of […]

The Colosseum in Rome Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—Day Three

Travel Journal Day Three, May 9, 2015 — Rome through the ages. It is impossible to see all the sights that Rome has to offer.  But we tried to see as many as possible on our first full day here.  We start off at the famous Colosseum in Rome. Most are aware that early Catholics were martyred here. It was a gruesome […]

Statue of St. Paul at the Entrance to St. Peter's Bascilica Photography by Mark Armstrong

One Family’s Novena to Italy—Day Two

Travel Journal Day Two, May 8, 2015 arriving in Rome, the Eternal City. Touching down at the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport this morning felt like a blessing beyond surviving twenty hours in the air and the usual turbulence. Just prior to leaving Bismarck, we learned of a massive fire that shut down the terminal we were scheduled to land at in Italy. The […]