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Kevin M. Lowry is an enthusiastic convert to the Catholic faith, and the son of a former Presbyterian minister who also became Catholic. A graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville and Franklin University, Kevin spent over twenty years in secular financial and executive management roles. Kevin serves as Chief Operating Officer for The Coming Home Network International, a Catholic apostolate that assists non-Catholic clergy and laity on the journey to the Catholic Church and beyond. Kevin is a member of the Board of Directors of Our Sunday Visitor and is President of the Columbus (Ohio) chapter of Legatus. Kevin’s first book, entitled “Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck” has just been released! The book encourages readers to integrate their faith and work in order to draw closer to Christ. The story of his conversion to Catholicism appears in Patrick Madrid’s popular book, “Surprised by Truth 2.” His web site and blog can be found at Kevin and his wife Kathi live in Columbus Ohio and have eight children.

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Pursuing a Meaningful Life: An interview with author Randy Hain

In a spirit of full disclosure, I am a Randy Hain fan. As a friend, he has been the source of unfailing encouragement, fellowship, and wisdom. Yet there are many dimensions to the man… Randy is a husband, father, writer, speaker, business leader, and much more. His third book, Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life is packed […]


5 Reasons to Speak Positively about your Spouse at Work

“Sorry, I can’t do it tonight. The old ball and chain gets ticked off if I’m out late.” How many times have we heard derogatory comments like this about spouses in the workplace? Even worse, snide remarks can give way to all-out whining: “My husband is such a jerk sometimes” or “My wife completely lost interest in me after we […]

"Clement of Rome and the Didache"
by Dr. Kenneth J. Howell"Clement of Rome and the Didache" by Dr. Kenneth J. Howell

Clement of Rome & the Didache – A New Translation and Theological Commentary By Dr. Kenneth J. Howell

If a fulfilling career consists of working with terrific people, then I must have one of the greatest jobs on earth. After twenty years in financial and executive roles, it has been my privilege since 2010 to work with The Coming Home Network International (CHNetwork), a Catholic apostolate that helps non-Catholic clergy and laity to come home, and be at […]


The Virtue of Business

Many years ago, I discovered that business is fun. Of course, my dad contributed to this way of thinking. As missionaries in Nigeria, my parents discovered that relatively simple tasks could be maddeningly complicated. Just one example: it took over 45 minutes to purchase a stamp at the local post office. That’s why, as a Presbyterian minister, he later went […]

Photography © by Paul JohnsonPhotography © by Paul Johnson

10 Ways for Men to Increase Work & Family Balance

My wife got run off the road today. Some guy was in a big hurry and didn’t like the fact that Kathi had slowed down to merge onto the highway behind a school bus full of children. So he accelerated from behind her car, and drove up beside her, forcing her onto the berm. After almost causing multiple accidents, he […]

Photography by Paul JohnsonPhotography by Paul Johnson

Five Keys to Transform Difficult Times into Growth

I used to be Successful It’s a story I’ve heard several times recently. I’m speaking with a guy, and in a reflective moment, he drops his head and speaks softly about how tough the past few years have been. He used to have more status, money, prestige, respect. But not anymore. Now life is full of struggle. It’s like his […]

What To Do When There’s Nothing Left To Do: The E&O Strategy

In so many aspects of our daily lives, our roles entail doing things. For example, as a guy, I’m hardwired to work in order to provide for my family. I have goals to achieve, emails to answer, action items to accomplish, clients to serve. I prioritize, plan, work, and pray like crazy. Every day. If there’s a need, or a […]

The Debt Ripple Effect

The headline jumped out at me: “Fed official says tax code provides incentives to carry debt.” For the past several years, the topic of debt has become increasingly important, for individuals, organizations, even nations. That headline got me thinking… regardless of the incentives, how should Catholics regard debt? It also hit me – we need to think about the “ripple […]

The Secret of Successful Teams – Humility

At Home “We’re taking over!” My eight year old son David stood in the kitchen gloating, with arms stretched out in jubilation. For years, he and his younger siblings had played second fiddle to the older kids. They had gone to bed earlier. They had waited for the bathroom. They had eaten fewer cookies. But that was all about to […]