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Kelly Wahlquist is a dynamic and inspiring Catholic speaker whose gift of weaving personal stories and Scripture together with practical advice allows her audience to enter more fully into what Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have called us into - to be witnesses of our faith and part of the New Evangelization.

Kelly travels the country speaking to all on various topics that inspire us to live the New Evangelization, but has a special love for speaking at Catholic women’s conferences. She resides in Minnesota with her husband, Andy, and their three children, and is very active in their parish, Holy Name of Jesus.

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Want to Conform to Christ this Lent? It’s Simple, Serve More.

Since I am freshly out of the confessional, I feel the need to be completely honest with myself as I prepare for Lent—the time we set aside to ready ourselves for the greatest day of the year, Easter Sunday. To me, preparing for Lent instantly conjures up thoughts of what I can give up that will cause me a little, […]

Catholic Teen Volunteers

Goodness Always Tends to Spread

“Goodness always tends to spread. Every authentic experience of truth and goodness seeks by its very nature to grow within us, and any person who has experienced a profound liberation becomes more sensitive to the needs of others. As it expands, goodness takes root and develops. If we wish to lead a dignified and fulfilling life, we have to reach […]

Mother and Children

“Do as I say!”

There has to be a top ten list of the dumbest things parents can say to their kids. I don’t want to Google it, because I am certain it will only prove that I have uttered each phase numerous times. So, I will refrain from my Internet research and remain blissful in my ignorance. However, I am certain that if […]

Evening Traffic

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

I hate traffic! Last night as I was wedged in like a sardine on Interstate 94, I noticed the license plate in front of me was my brother-in-law’s initials, CPW. So, I thought, “I should say a little prayer for him,” and I did. Then, suddenly I was checking everyone’s license plate to see who I could pray for next. […]

Embracing My Inner Martha: Living the Lesson Learned

Not even 3 seconds after I hit the send button to let people know about an upcoming event, my friend Marta had emailed back, “Did you make a FaceBook Evite yet?” Marta… Marta… Marta…. What do you mean, “Did you make a Facebook Evite yet?” Don’t you know I just zipped that last email about the upcoming event off quickly […]

A Woman at Prayer

Until God Opens the Next Door, Praise Him in the Hallway

I remember watching The Sound of Music as a little girl on television right around Easter. Yep, that was back in the pre-historic days, the days before DVDs or even VHS. The one line that always stuck with me was when Maria says, “Where the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” This message of hope that captured […]

“Bee” Busy this Advent — Time for 3 Simple Promises

“It’s not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted.” ~ Mary O’Connor ‘Tis the season of insane hustle and bustle! There are presents to buy, soirees to plan, parties to attend, trees and homes to decorate, cookies to bake, and columns to write. (Ok, that last one may […]

A Boy and his Fish

I don’t know about you, but there’s always something that makes me more in-tune with the Creator when I’m surrounded by His beautiful creation; prayer becomes more intimate, more sincere, more focused. Sitting on the deck on a gorgeous Sunday morning, I experienced just that – creation drawing me in to the heart of the Father. I was praying my […]

A Glimpse of Joy at the Foot of the Cross

During Times of Struggle Believe it or not, every once and a while I have a tough day, a difficult weekend, or week that leaves me wanting to curl up in a cave and never come out. (Not a “man cave,” more like a nicely decorated cave with all my books and a lifelong supply of chocolate.) Looking back, these […]