Worlds Apart

I am a father and a philosopher.  This is not necessarily an unusual combination, but it does give me a range of interests that spans two rather distinctive worlds.  I am interested in the family, its challenges and rewards, its hard work and its joyful celebrations.  As a philosopher, I am interested in an array of ideas that range from […]

Seven Deadly Fallacies in Pro-Abortion Arguments

Unborn Child

We are rational animals, let us reiterate.  This is not a matter for debate.  In fact, it explains why people have developed a long list of invectives for those whose thoughts and actions deviate noticeably from a rational standard:  “airhead,” “blockhead,” “knucklehead,” “lunkhead,” “dimwit,” “moron,” “idiot,” “lamebrain,” “dumbbell,” “dolt,” “not the sharpest knife in the drawer,” and so on ad […]

The Nature of Forgiveness — Humanly Possible?

The exalted nature of forgiveness is attested to by the fact that it presupposes a number of other virtues.  Consider three virtues in particular: justice, clemency, and mercy. Justice has the nature of an equation: Borrowing 10 dollars requires returning 10 dollars. When justice is violated, punishment or restitution of some kind is required. Herein is the timeless significance of […]

On the Importance of Stretching

The center of the Sistine Chapel depicts an image that has been over-utilized to the point of becoming a cliché.  Nonetheless, its meaning is still worth revisiting, for it encapsulates the central drama between God and man.  An energetic God-the-Creator thrusts his hand toward a reclining Adam.  His intended beneficiary, however, recoils.  His hand droops.  His body language spells “retreat”.  […]

On the Importance of Laughter

Australian aborigines have a most imaginative myth that speaks to both the importance and to the elusiveness of laughter.  They envisioned a Giant Frog who had swallowed all the waters of the world.  Since life cannot continue without water, a dire predicament had been created.  The only solution lay in making the Frog laugh, an action that would cause him […]

The Rescuing Hug

Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born on October 17, 1995, a full 12 weeks ahead of their due date.  The standard practice, that time, at The Medical Center of Central Massachusetts in Worcester, where the twins came into the world, was to place them in separate incubators in order to reduce the risk of infection. Kyrie’s birth weight was two […]

God is Pro-Choice, but not Pro-Death

A Franciscan nun (whose name we shall not disclose out of respect to her Order’s founder) has written a letter published in a “Catholic” newspaper, in which she argues in favour of abortion because, after all, God Himself is pro-choice.  “Obama may be pro-choice,” she writes, “but so is God.”  She then reminds her readers that “God gave everyone a […]

Some Thoughts about Thinking

On a very cold night in late February, 2009, Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput delivered what may have been an even more chilling message to a near capacity audience at St. Basil’s Church on the campus of St. Michael’s College.  “We can’t build a just society with the blood of unborn children.” Canadians in the audience, who are familiar with […]

Life and Death on the Gridiron

Satan challenged God to a football match pitting the best players in Heaven against the best in Hell.  St. Peter, speaking on God’s behalf, asked the Prince of Darkness how he expected to win such a contest since the heavenly All-Stars would be disciplined, well coached, and play as a team, whereas their opponents, being a gang of incorrigible ruffians, […]

Marriage is not a Metaphor

I passed through the metal detector at the Las Vegas Airport easily and uneventfully.  While waiting for my wife, who was the inconvenient recipient of a more thorough random check, I turned to the attendant and told her that I was surprised to pass through the metal detector so quietly since I have entered the “metallic age” of life:  gold […]