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Celeste Behe is a native New Yorker who grew up in the colorful Little Italy section of the Bronx. A literature major at Columbia University’s Barnard College, Celeste has always loved books, especially the works of Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. Her first job was at the New York Bar Association Library where she was often found loafing in the stacks with a dusty volume on her lap. Celeste also worked as a librarian at one of the city’s largest law firms before leaving New York to raise a family In Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband Mike and their nine homeschooled children. The Behe household is a bit short on amenities, but life without a dishwasher has inspired Celeste's work on a manuscript entitled "Nine Kids, No Dishwasher: A Celebration of Life, Love, and Table." Celeste is now a Contributing Writer at The Integrated Catholic Life, a Senior Writer at Faith & Family magazine, a columnist at CatholicMom.com, and a reporter for the local newspaper. She also maintains a happy blog at http://celestebehe.blogspot.com. Celeste likes Italian things, public speaking, cooking, and board games, and will take on all challengers at Scrabble. Her current project is blogging about “40 for 12,” a six-week meatless menu plan for large families.

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Guns and Roses: A Woman’s Guide to Evangelizing the Culture

I am fascinated by words:  their origins, meanings, and sounds.  I especially like to think about whether the sound of a word suits its definition. Take the word “engage.”  To my ear, it has a metallic ring.  Maybe that’s because its sound is similar to that of the word “cage,” a sturdy steel enclosure that might confine an exotic bird, […]

Navigating the Teen Years

Some years ago my children had a bathtub toy that was different from the usual tub toys.  Rather than bobbing on top of the water, this particular toy would float in such a way that its bottom half would remain beneath the surface of the water, while its top half stayed high and dry. At that time, my youngest children […]

Bringing Lent Home

“I’m such a glutton,” sighed my daughter Helen, leaning her slender frame closer to the pepperoni pizza.  A slip of a lass whose vital statistics have hovered at the third percentile for all of her eleven years, Helen boasts a super power which allows her to pack away pizza like a kid triple her size. “You know what’s the hardest […]