November, 2015

’Tis the Season… of Advent

’Tis the season.  Everyone’s out shopping for that special something for everyone on their list.  We are all busy, running around like worker bees, catching ourselves coming and going.  There are Christmas programs and holiday recitals and parties and gatherings and a long list of things to do. In the midst of all of that, it’s easy to forget that […]

Daily Reflection — Let’s begin…

In confident hope we look forward to the resurrection of the body and the general judgment, but I am not my own final judge and neither are you your own final judge. So this time on earth is a time of preparation and trial… a time for each us to be formed for the life to come… a time of choosing and perfecting. […]

Catholic Quote of the Day — from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI (Philip Chidell /

“For Advent is concerned with that very connection between memory and hope which is so necessary to man. Advent’s intention is to awaken the most profound and basic emotional memory within us, namely, the memory of the God who became a child. This is a healing memory; it brings hope. … It is the beautiful task of Advent to awaken […]

Encountering the Word — Luke 12:35-40

Photography © by Andy Coan

A Daily Quote from Sacred Scripture “Let your loins be girded and your lamps burning, and be like men who are waiting for their master to come home from the marriage feast, so that they may open to him at once when he comes and knocks. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes; truly, I say to […]

A Practical New Year Resolution for Advent

We should allow the clarion call from this great saint to reverberate in our souls. Today we enter into the Advent Season. It is past time to get ready… One of my strongest, most enduring memories from my childhood is the time spent preparing for Christmas. We did not have any family traditions involving the Advent Wreath or the Jesse Tree. And most certainly, like […]

Catholic Quote of the Day — from Pope Francis

Pope Francis (neneo /

“I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them; I ask all of you to do this unfailingly each day. No one should think that this invitation is not meant for him or her, since ‘no one is excluded from the joy […]

Encountering the Word — 1 Corinthians 15:22-26

Photography © by Andy Coan

A Daily Quote from Sacred Scripture “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ. Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. For […]

Why Advent?

Photography © by Andy Coan

“Advent” is simply the Latin word for “coming.”  If we can manage to meditate on any “coming” in December besides the comings and goings of Christmas shopping, it would be Christ’s coming to Mary in a stable. But the liturgy of the first three weeks of Advent speaks of another coming, the second and final coming of Jesus at the […]

Catholic Quote of the Day — from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI (Philip Chidell /

“Finally, Newman teaches us that if we have accepted the truth of Christ and committed our lives to him, there can be no separation between what we believe and the way we live our lives. Our every thought, word and action must be directed to the glory of God and the spread of his Kingdom. Newman understood this, and was […]

Encountering the Word — Luke 1:32-33

Photography © by Andy Coan

A Daily Quote from Sacred Scripture “He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there will be no end.” (Luke 1:32-33) Print this entry