A Peek at My Prayer Corner — What I’m Reading in 2015

by Lisa Hendey | January 23, 2015 12:02 am

woman-praying-profile-featured-w740x493[1]I recently had the great chance to be interviewed by Patheos’ Thomas MacDonald[2] for his very cool How I Pray feature. If you haven’t checked out Tom’s interviewees (including Elizabeth Scalia), be sure to check here[3] for some inspiration. The interview left me thinking about how I’d like to be more organized about my prayer resources in the New Year.

One of my many goals for 2015 is to increase the time I spend reading pages and decrease the time I spend reading social media. I spent a good part of yesterday organizing a small corner of my office to help me realize this goal. In addition to setting out some “to be read” books that won’t mix in with the rest of my “library” (which would be better referred to as a “disaster area”), I assembled much of my daily spiritual reading into that corner.


Here’s a peek at my corner and resources:


During the year, I will be mixing in other devotional books and apps, but this core library will form the basis of my morning prayer time in 2015. I’d love to hear about your favorite daily prayer resources!

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