A Miracle in Adoration

Photography © Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart

Photography © Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart

A number of years ago I had an amazing experience in adoration. I had suffered for years with chronic and often debilitating pain. The pain caused me to isolate myself because after fighting the pain, I had so little energy to interact with or serve others. After a period of reflection and prayer I decided that I would try to fight through the pain to serve others anyway. I had no idea how I could accomplish this ideal, but I purposed to do so.

An opportunity came shortly thereafter when my wife was attending a retreat at a nearby parish. I decided to go and spend an hour praying for them and for the Spirit of God to meet each of the women in a special way. After a long sleepless night, it took everything I had to get out of my home and into the car. I arrived at the Church and slowly made my way out of the car and into the sanctuary.

Every movement was resisted by the inflamed nerves in my body as I slouched onto the hard cold chair. Doubled over before the blessed sacrament I was barely able to sit let alone pray. If the Church wasn’t so cold I would have been tempted to slide off onto the floor. Even so, I began to beseech our Lord on their behalf.

The first victory was simply the ability to pray at all. My mind wandered to my senses in complaint and then to prayer and back. I didn’t think I could make it another few minutes let alone an hour. I stayed engaged anyway. Unexpectedly, after about ten minutes I slowly began to be able to straighten up in the chair.  I found myself able to focus beyond the pain. As the tension of anguished muscles began to lift, my body relaxed so that I could sit up and pray. With the pain slipping out of consciousness I prayed in painless peace. Not only was I able to sit up but I was strong and rested. I prayed for the remainder of the hour and beyond almost effortlessly.

No doubt a miracle. I have never forgotten that transcendent transition from the inward isolation of self-battling affliction to the complete absorption, ease, and selflessness in worship and prayer.

Beyond this event, I have regularly been surprised at what happens to me in adoration. It seems that distractions fade, discomfort disappears, and hours pass.

Have you encountered the Lord in a special way in adoration?

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  1. Nice article. I also have chronic pain from an accident and have found that I also feel a lessening of pain in Adoration. It is really such a blessing! It is like the heavy burden and weariness are lifted right from my neck and shoulders just as the Lord promised! A foretaste of what will be!

  2. One of my most recent experiences of God in adoration was when I realized that part of the reason God is I AM is because He is the only source of being. Through doing His will and becoming more Christ-like and asking Him to change us, we start to become the person He created. The alternative to being is to not be. So through God, we are created and become ourselves. Without Him we are not. As God us Love and the opposite of love is apathy, we are called to become and exist in Him. That was a big moment when I realized so much more fully than before His love for us, for me. But it seems like every time I go to adoration, even if I enter with some hesitancy, He draws me to Him and comforts me, and when I leave my spirit has been lifted and rested in Him.

  3. While in adoration, I experience warmth in the proximity of Our Lord. I have severe back pain. I purposely kneel with no support to offer the pain as a sacrifice. As I pray there is a warmth that travels through my legs and lower back. This only happens when I am not distracted and am able to reach a oneness with Him where there is nothing between Him and I but His Blessed Mother. Oh joy! What peace! What beauty!

  4. Adoration, like mass, actually aggravates my fibromyalgia and neuropathy, thanks to my vows of redemptive suffering. Of course, my chronic pain issues aren’t due to any accidents or aging, but rather from having been “born” as a stillbirth and suddenly resuscitating* after having been dead for more than twenty minutes.

    (*There’s a more complex story behind the resuscitation, which explains why I’m a Marianist, but this is neither the time nor the place…)

  5. Praise you Jesus, I lose myself completely and feel the presence of Jesus during adoration, a renewed Spirit an energized body and inner peace are all what I’m experiencing…..

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