A Glimpse of God’s Glory Revealed

Photography © by Randy Hain

Photography © by Randy Hain

Every now and then I slow down enough to experience God.

The picture attached to this post was recently taken by me on the last day of our family vacation, just before my morning run.  The sight of the sun behind the clouds took my breath away as it spoke to me of God’s glory and might, but my frail humanity could only behold a glimpse of His awesome power.  The image captured in the photo has stayed with me as I wrestle with its meaning and why I was blessed to witness it.

I have often written of my ongoing struggle with finding peace and detaching from the never ending buzz of the modern world.  When we arrived at the beach the week before this picture was taken, I struggled to put work and various other projects aside and enjoy quality time with my family.  As each day passed, I found myself praying more and more.  The time with the kids at the pool, the beach and mealtimes became a true joy as we laughed and kidded each other the way happy families should.  My wife and I had some wonderful conversations while the kids were swimming and found time to be thankful for our lives together and discuss our dreams for the family’s future. The week was a much needed time to recharge my physical, emotional and spiritual batteries and I am grateful.

As I look back, I believe God shared this glimpse of His glory with me when I was ready to receive it.  Just a week before, the powerful image would have been lost on me.  But, on our last full day of vacation, I was at peace.  I had gotten my priorities back in order.  I fell in love with my family all over again and was reminded of how blessed I am to have the vocation of husband and father.  I could have kept my eyes firmly fixed on the running path before me as I normally do, but this particular day I felt an urge to look up and catch this perfect moment when the fast moving clouds partially obscured the sun.

Where is God appearing in our lives today?  Have we slowed down enough to experience Him?  What obstacles are in the way?  Is it our pursuit of a lifestyle we don’t need? Is it our pride?  Is it other sinful behavior?  Do we allow what appear to be pressing priorities obscure our vision and prevent us from the more important goal of attaining Heaven?

Let’s take this to prayer and ask our Lord for the courage to reject the worldly idols which come between us and Him.  Pray for detachment from unnecessary things.  Pray for peace.  Pray for strength.

Maybe we should simply pray for the merest glimpse of His infinite glory to be revealed to us.

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  1. Randy – Thank you for your message. Your reflection reminds me of morning prayer where we thank our Lord for the blessing of life and the beauty of the world He has conveyed upon us. Deacon Gerald

  2. Randy,
    This photo and your struggle, resonates with me too. It is this struggle of the 1st commandment, we hold so dearly the god of comfort, the god of … (everything is more important in our life than God.)
    We say we are much more advanced than when Israel complained selfishly on their exodus, yet perhaps if we look close we are even worse.
    Today we sacrifice our babies to Baal because we demand our lifestyle not be intruded upon. Count all of those lesser gods we worship, we all know the list is endless with the rise of the new ancient roman ways we now live in as a culture – soon our leaders will change their bigoted elitist behavior and just declare their rightful god-ship. We don’t seem to mind anything extreme these days – the days of tolerance.
    This is why we see such a vast expanse between our current thinking and the Saint Dominics’memorial quote:
    “A man who governs his passions is master of the world. We must either command them or be enslaved to them. It is better to be the hammer than the anvil.” (St. Dominic, Founder of the Friars Preachers, Confessor; Memorial – August 8)

    We hear of persecutions around the world (check out persecution.org) yet all we do is look up from our dinner plates and say, “how terrible” and shake our heads before we continue to eat. Yet what do we do about any of it more than this?
    Randy, I am just as guilty. This is why I can see it. Your struggles are mine, too. When will we be strong enough to forge that hammer!
    We truly are of little faith, I am ashamed. I, like St. Paul, do what I know I shouldn’t and do not do what I know I should.
    Thank you for the image of the ray of hope, God’s great glory! Let us pick ourselves up and fight on. Let us do, let us act, let us not stop until the race is run – someone recently said that we are all waiting for someone to rise up and change these things. But, they told of – there is no one to do it but is, we need to awaken to the truth. Please, God of Love, God of truth, God of great glory and hope – help our unbelief!

    1. Kevin,

      Good morning and thank you for your kind and thoughtful response. So many of us face these struggles, yet we must acknowledge the truth of our inadequacy and God’s wonderful love and power…and fight on.

      In Christ,


  3. Randy,

    This post strikes me on several levels. First of all, in this day of age of constant activity/communication we need to block off time to be with God and our families. Before I get out of bed, I try to prayer to God thru ACTSS (Acknowledging God’s Greatness, Confessing my sins/shortcomings, Thankfulness for blessings, Solicit help for others and myself, Seize the Day) then proceed to spend the first moments of the day thru spiritual reading/Magnificat. Its important that we each have a dedicated time and place in prayer everyday. Another item that resonantes is the need to block off time and our families. With all our activities, communications, commitments – especially wiht kids, things get crazy quickly. We have a family calendar and literal block off “Nothing” on the calendar every so often in order to make sure things don’t get overscheduled in order for us to casually spend time together…Lastly, God speaks to us every day in many ways, however, all too often we are not listening or looking for his message. Several times everday he blesses us with “Moments of Beauty” that ran the gamut from beautiful sunsets, kind words, acts of mercy, peacefulness etc…. however we are often times too occupied to soak in those experiences. By being determined to be on the look out for daily Moments of Beauty, they are more likely to be discovered and enjoyed…

    Trey from Cincinnati

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