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Samuel anointed Saul king. Who anointed David king? 

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  1. Just curious about this answer. Where do you find this? I found 2 Samuel 2: 4, and 2 Samuel 5: 3 which seemed to answer the question. Is it cheating to look it up? Will there be a 2nd “daily” question? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ann,

      No, it is not cheating to look up the answers!

      Look at 1 Samuel 16…

      Yes, there was a second question yesterday and another will post this morning.

      Deacon Mike

      1. Okay . . .in 1 Samuel 16; 13 Samuel anoints David as God’s chosen . . .but Saul is still alive and still King. In 1 Samuel 16; 14 – 23, David plays the harp for Saul and becomes his arms bearer, but I still don’t see where Saul anoints David. Still curious . . .

        1. By 1 Samuel 16, God has already rejected Saul. It is God who sent Samuel to anoint David. This anointing was private, similar to how Samuel anointed Saul.

          The later anointings by the men of Judah and then 7 years later by the elders of Israel were “political” in nature. God’s anointing of Saul and David was through Samuel.

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