Meet New Contributing Writer – Mary Wallace, PhD

by Deacon Michael Bickerstaff | January 4, 2013 12:02 am

Mary Wallace, PhD

Mary Wallace, PhD

Randy and I are excited to welcome Mary Wallace, PhD as the newest contributing writer to The Integrated Catholic Life™.

Mary is a devout Catholic wife of 20 years, mother of 4 daughters, and college administrator for 19 years.  She obtained her doctorate in Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, and has a particular research interest in faith and work issues.  Her dissertation contains research insight from women working in the public sector who bring their faith to work, and using it to inform their leadership.

It is through this research that Mary was able to start the blog, The Working Catholic Mom ([1]).  Mary is also the co-host of a Catholic radio show:  Faith and Good Counsel, on Baton Rouge Catholic Community Radio ([2]).  The radio show is focused on women living full lives of faith.

As a college administrator for over 19 years, Mary has worked with a wide range of young adults.  Spending the first 14 years in the college housing industry, she has a knowledge and experience of working with complex environment, large staffs, and multi-million dollar budgets.  Using this knowledge, she has led numerous staffs through strategic planning processes, performance management, training and development, and developing human capital.  Her current role focuses on student leadership development, service/volunteerism, and general involvement on a college campus.  Mary approaches her leadership with faith as a foundation, though her employment has been mainly with public institutions of higher education.

In 2002, Mary became the main wage earner in her family, when her husband, Steven, became disabled as a result of a traumatic brain injury after a ruptured colon left him sceptic and in the hospital for an entire summer, followed by a year of neuro-rehabilitation.  The Wallace’s focused on their faith, and discerned each step of a new journey, full of Christian suffering and joy.  During this time, Mary was thankful for her education, and God-given skills and talents to work, and to earn an income to support her family.  This is also a time Mary learned to bring her faith to work, in a way that integrated her faith and leadership approach.

Mary’s work brings her great joy, but the greatest joy she has is through her faith and her family.  She is a devoted wife, and mother of 4 daughters. It is this role that Mary feels her best leadership shines. She spends lots of time in service with her church, and volunteering for different youth events with her children.  Mary is an avid reader and writer, and focuses her reading attention on women’s interest in the Catholic Church, with particular interest in Blessed John Paul II writings and philosophies about women.  Mary also enjoys dancing with her girls in her living room (when no one is looking), and cooking simple satisfying meals for the entire family and all of their friends.

Mary is available to speak to your group on the following topics:  Leadership; Faith and Work – A Woman’s Perspective; Redemptive Suffering and Joy; Forgiveness; Being a Daughter of God; Prioritizing; How to Keep the Cradle from Getting Empty: Conversations with a Cradle Catholic; Various trainings and consultations about organizational performance, strategy, and developing leadership capacity. Check out ICL’s speaker pages to book Mary.

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