Daily Catholic Quiz – Liturgical Vestments

Question: This one may be a bit more difficult because this vestment has fallen into disuse generally. But don’t give up too easily; give the question a try.

The priest and deacon wear a short, usually square, linen cloth with two, long cloth ties, This vestment is put on before the alb. What is its (a) name and what is its (b) materially practical and its (c) spiritual purpose?

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  1. Ans: The amice. The two practical reasons that come to mind are (1) to protect vestments from perspiration and other stains and (2) to cover the throat and the “street” clothes worn underneath. The spiritual reason can be seen from the prayer said when placing on the amice: “Place, O Lord, on my head the helmet of salvation, that I may overcome the assaults of the devil.”

    – Deacon Mike

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