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  1. Pride, the orginal sin. Eve believed Satan becuse of pride. Satan lied to her, telling Eve not to believe in God’s word but Satan’s word. Pride says I do not need God, I am my own god. Pride leads to disobedience, disobedience leads to spiritual death. This my friends this is what the entire story of Genesis Chapter 3 is about. What is the antidote for pride? Humility. When we humble ourselves to God, acknowledge that He is our Creator, that we are created to Love and Serve Him, and Him alone, that we are nothing without Him. This is true, authentic humility and with humility in our hearts we obey God, and when we obey God, we gain life, eternal life with the One who created us to be with Him.
    Pride also tells us that we are the most important person, in our relationships with husbands, wifes, friends, co-workers, family members, add ifinitum. This is why we have the troules of the world today, pride, collective pride, manifested by whole populations living without God, being their own gods. The constant drumbeat around the world over the last 50 years is to drum out God from all public discourse, to drive a wedge between the people and their faith, to seprarate us from God, clearly the work of Satan. People have always and will always look for solutions to the worlds problems, they look to each other, they look to their governments, but until they truly look to God, things will continue to get worse, not better.
    God Bless

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