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  1. “Faith is not a contract. Faith is surrender.” How true in my case. I did not understand the dynamics of surrender, I was afraid to surrender, fear of losing myself. I had to be beaten down badly before I got to the point of surrender. The funny thing is, I thought of surrendering myself to Jesus Christ as some grand moment, an apocalyptic event in my life. Such was not the case, it was more like the sun fading into the western horizon, disappearing from view. There was a grayness about the days following where things were happening I knew on a certain level, but nothing had truly sunk in to my consciousness. Then one day I realized what had happened. A friend after hearing me speak said, something has happened to you, something about you is different. I was reborn without ever fully realizing it. Then I knew, I felt a sense of peace and contentment I had never known. I look back at that time with a fondness for how God works in my life. Nothing earth shattering, just gentle, subtle and loving. In surrendering my will and life to Jesus, I have found myself, I have found Love, I have found Truth and I have found true Life. Amen to that!
    God Bless

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