Catholic Physicians Gather in Seattle

SEATTLE — I am covering this week’s 79th Annual Educational Conference of the Catholic Medical Association in Seattle.  The theme of the conference is “Restoring the Integrity of Medicine: An Imperative for a Christian Anthropology“.  I will be reporting for us from the conference each day and you will hear audio of my interviews of attendees and presenters as well as commentary on the notable events of the conference. Please check in with us each day for updates.

Day 1 from the Conference – Questions for All of Us to Consider

Is your physician Catholic? Does it matter?  What does it mean to be a Catholic physician? Could a Catholic physician work in a hospital that performs abortions or provides contraception services?

How often do we as patients stop and think about these questions. And have you ever considered how the impact of your care is affected by the spirituality of your medical provider?  There have been reports of studies about prayer affecting people’s recovery.  Each of us know stories in our own families, perhaps even that have happened to ourselves, where a miraculous survival or recovery occurred.  We also know stories of suffering and death.  How does a physician help us truly understand and comfort us through this?

Listen to Mark Armstrong’s Daily Reports and Interviews from the Conference…

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Mark Armstrong is married to Patti (the much more famous Catholic author). They have 10 children and two grandkids (so far).  Mark travels and presents a PowerPoint presentation on "Our Lady of Guadalupe" to retreats, church events and conferences. He also spent 9 days in Italy in 2010, including three hours before the Shroud of Turin and has an amazing PowerPoint presentation on the Shroud of Turin, believed by many to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

He also co-authored the best-selling Catholic book, Amazing Grace for Fathers.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Great questions to explore. I am very much looking forward to your daily reports and interviews.

    Deacon Mike

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