Men on a Mission

I was looking at the Fathers for Good website this morning when I came across Joseph McInerney’s insightful article, Men on a Mission.  He makes the critical argument that men must look to Jesus Christ for our example if we are to find a different conception of happiness other than what our materialistic culture is offering.  This is good food for thought and something I encourage everyone to read and share.

Men on a Mission

By Joseph McInerney

Suppose you had a choice: your dream car with all the options and a summer home on the shore, or a life of daily toil spent with persons you truly love and who truly love you.

Which would you choose? Think twice.

The answer lies in what really makes you happy.

To read the full article, click here.

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  1. The hard part isn’t in the choice you present. I am sure there are some who would say the car and house, but most of us would make the right choice there (and actually do make that choice).

    I find that we want the people we love AND the car AND the house – and sometimes the people we love would like those too. We must learn to renounce excess – but how much is too much? I think that is where we live the challenge in the daily decisions.

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