Catholics and Bible Study

St. Jerome once said: “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”  Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, a world renown Catholic writer and speaker, has written a wonderful article addressing the myth that Catholics are discouraged from reading the Bible.  

Catholics have four readings from scripture at every Sunday Mass, our parish has numerous bible studies and our children study the Bible in their PSR classes.   I encourage you to read this little gem!  Please let us know about your experiences with the Bible and how often you study with a group or read it alone.  Also, after you read this, please help us answer the questions below.

Catholics and Bible Study: Ignorance of Scripture is not Catholic!

By Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

There is a myth that we must lay to rest, once and for all–Protestants are all about the Bible, while Catholics are all about the Sacraments.  While I can’t speak for my Protestant brethren, I can say this with certainty–the Catholic Church has never tolerated any such either/or.  Both Scripture and Sacraments are precious gifts from the Lord, gifts we desperately need and are bound to use.

To read the full article, click here.

Questions to answer after reading the article:

1.  Are you part of a Parish based bible study?  Why?  Why not?

2.  How often do you read the bible?

3.  How did this article from Dr. D’Ambrosio affect your thinking regarding bible study?

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  1. I am part of a weekly Bible Study and I also have a Rosary group – just started – in my home on Thursday night.

    I read the Bible often, but not every day (although I should). I do the Liturgy of the Hours some days; say Rosary other days.

    Regarding the article, I was thinking: for the first millenium and a half of the Church, there were no printing presses, plus many people couldn’t read. I traveled to Vienna a few years ago; in visiting the musuems and churches, I was struck by the size and power of the paintings and sculpture, most depicting scenes from the Bible or the lives of the saints. Think about it – if you couldn’t easily provide a physical Bible to people, wouldn’t you have, in your Churches, visuals of everything you would want people to know about the Bible, the history of the Church, and the lives of the saints? Everything we see and use in the Catholic Church increases our knowledge of God, Jesus, the Angels, the Saints………such as the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the statues, the stained glass windows, and the paintings, frescoes, and everything else that makes so many Catholic churches so beautiful and reverence-inspiring. Catholics are inundated with the Bible like few other Christians, Orthodox excepted.

  2. Hi Carol,

    So true!

    One non-Catholic family member who attended Mass with me commented that he had never heard so much of the bible proclaimed at a church service. He addded that even the prayers are scriptural. Another commented on the biblical scenes depicted in the stained glass.

    Catholics might not be able to cite chapter and verse numbers, but an attentive Catholic who faithfully attends Mass is not ignorant of scripture. Should they spend more time in the bible? Absolutely, especially in the form of prayerful meditation.

    Deacon Mike

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